Learn guitar in just 4 lessons!

Learn guitar in just 4 lessons!

Are you a complete beginner? 

This is probably the first course you should take before moving further. 

It is designed as a step-by-step course, that will take you through the most fundamental principles of guitar playing that every beginner should know. 

By completing this course you would also have a strong foundation of what music is all about. 

After completing this course you will be able to play 4 whole songs, and by learning any of these songs you will learn valuable and essential techniques that every beginner should know. These are:

* Essential strumming and picking patterns 

* Basic Chords and chord progressions

* Key scales and melodies 

This method of teaching is this most effective way of learning guitar.

is based on my personal years of experience of teaching beginners, and I developed this simple practice by testing it again and again on many guitar students.

I can attest that it works for everyone. Some might be able to learn all of these in a few hours, while some may need a few weeks.

Whatever the speed of progression is - anyone can do it!